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Cover photo
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Music and the Arts

I have been doing some thinking about adding some more things to me blog. I am a writer, but I also love photography, music and art. I wanted to incorporate more of the crafts that I love into my blog. I will post some photos that I have taken from time to time, some art that I enjoy and some videos. 

Last month my husband and I were in Eureka Springs Arkansas for our 27th wedding anniversary. We rode our motorcycle up there. It was a beautiful and fun ride. While we were there we went to a bar called the Cathouse Lounge where a lot of people who ride like to go and hang out. It was a cool place, fun atmosphere with great music. There was a Bluegrass band  playing that happened to be from our hometown of Springfield Mo. The odds of us going that weekend to that club seeing a band from home were crazy. I loved them! That was when it hit me. I had thought about adding some video blog interviews to my blog. Other authors, artists and musicians, so why not start with Deep Fried Squirrel? Yeah that's their name. Cool band with all string instruments.

I told my husband I was going to ask them if I could do a short video interview for my blog. He laughed at me of course, but I was serious. When their break came I got the nerve to ask them and they said yes! Holy crap they said yes! Ok breath Sheila, you can do this. I wasn't sure exactly what I would ask in less than five minutes so I decided to start with the basics. 

They are great, fun guys. I had such a good time interviewing them even though I was a nervous wreck, which shows. I am so grateful they gave me the opportunity to advance my creativity for my blog.

You can find them on Facebook and their website which they will tell you in the video. Definatly check them out, you won't be sorry.

I am hoping to interview another local band very soon. The Detectives is a band of young people that play music from the 50s 60s and some 70s. They are an incredible group as well. They will be playing again soon in the Springfield Mo. area. 

I'm trying to get the videos uploaded but it seems to be some error on here today so I will have to try again later. Until then go to Facebook and like Deep Fried Squirrels page and go to YouTube and check out some videos that people have posted.


Monday, August 11, 2014

eBook release

My newest eBook Willoughby Road Summer of change was released on Saturday Aug. 10th. You can pick up a copy at Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and All Romance eBooks. Clicking on the book cover on the right of this page will take you straight to Amazon. Here are the links to Barnes & Nobel and All Romance.

Friday, July 11, 2014

New A Forever Love Anthology Paperback

The A Forever Love Anthology is now out in paperback at Amazon!! You can still get the eBooks individually at Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and All Romance eBooks just click on the book covers on the left hand side of this page and it will  take you straight to Amazon.

I'm very excited about the Anthology being out in paperback and if you would like an autographed copy email me and I can get you a copy for $10 including shipping.

I have new projects that will be out later this year. My next will be out this Aug. called Willoughby Road Summer of Change. It's the story of a young woman who looses her father to cancer. His dying wish was for her to get back to her roots at their families summer home in Bixby. Here is the cover blog.

Catherine Willoughby didn't know where her life was going after her father died. He wanted her have a good life. He wanted her to have a summer at her childhood summer home before coming back to Charleston to run the family Construction Company. Catherine never thought in a million years that one month would change her life forever, but in that month she experiences new friends,love, danger, and loss. Meeting a young handsome Englishman in Bixby West Virginia was not something that happened every day to a young woman. So many things happen in such a short time, but all of these experiences force her to make changes and finally grow up. Journaling has always helped her stay in touch with reality. She always felt that writing down her life kept her from fading away. But after her summer in Bixby, fading away was defiantly something that she would never do, nor would ever want to do. This would be the summer that she finally grew up. That summer on Willoughby Road.
I will attach the cover of Willoughby Road as well. I have submitted a new WIP to my publisher and received an email from her letting me know that I will be receiving a contract for it very soon! Things in the writing world are going very good for me that's for sure and I am having a blast doing what I love, writing Romance. I want to thank everyone that has purchased my books and supported me along this wonderful journey :) Much Love, Sheila

Monday, May 5, 2014

A Forever Love Redemption

The third eBook in the A Forever Love Anthology is now out at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and All Romance eBooks. I don't have a date yet but the Anthology will be out in paperback soon!!! I can't wait!!!

I am going to post a chapter from Redemption on my website very soon so keep checking so that you can get a taste of Grayson's journey to Redemption.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Thank You Spring Fling Hoppers!!!!

This has been a blast!!! I really want to thank everyone for stopping by and all of your wonderful comments. Love comes in so many different forms, whether you have a significant other or just great people in your life. It's still love. It makes us stronger, sometimes we feel it makes us weaker too but I feel that love makes us better people. Kinder, more considerate, trusting, and patient. Don't forget to stop back by and find out the winners!! Some of you did leave an email address so I want to thank you for that and please have a wonderful rest of your days :)

Much Love

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hey there Spring Fling Hoppers!!! #HopsWithHeart

Hello everyone thanks for stopping by. I'm super excited to be apart of the Spring Fling Hop!! There are going to be lots of giveaways so make sure to check out all the bloggers who are taking part.   I will be giving away an Ebook copy of A Forever Love and one of A Forever Love Retribution along with a $10 Amazon gift card. All you have to do for your chance to win is leave me a comment at the end of this post telling me how LOVE has made you a better person.

I'll start off by telling you a story that made me a better person.

I don't think that anyone is perfect or that no one has ever done something wrong and just because we do some things wrong it doesn't make us bad people, but there have been many things that have happened in my life that make me wonder what I did so wrong to have had these bad things happen. After I sit down and think about it though, I am actually a blessed woman. I have great kids and a handsome loving husband. Danny and I have been together for 28 years. This July will be our 27th wedding anniversary. While they haven't all been a bed of roses, probably more thorns actually, I would not trade those years for any other.

Our youngest child was born ill and was in and out of the hospital the first years of his life. When he was 5 he was diagnosed with a rare hip deterioration disease that put him in a wheel chair for three years. Our family had to make many sacrifices for our sweet boy. He never got down. Always had a smile for everyone no matter the pain he was in. My husband worked many hours so that I could be able to spend more time with our son. He made all the 4 hr. drives to St. Louis for our sons Dr. appointments. When our boy was 8 he was able to be out of his chair. His hips had grown back!! Things were great and we had a few months to breath. That was until I was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer. Once again my kind, adoring husband was right by my side. He went to ever treatment with me. He held my hair while I puked and held my hand when I cried from the pain. When I lost my hair he shaved his head in support. Since then I have had many health issues and he has never left my side no matter how tough it got.

Life isn't always easy, but when you have someone by your side supporting you and doing everything they can to take care of you and your family it sure helps. I believe that God gave me and my husband all of this to make our marriage stronger. There's a lyric in a song that says, "If I can get thru this I can get thru anything." It is so true and words that I live by everyday. I thank the lord for saving my child at birth and for keeping my other children safe, for saving my life and for giving me my incredibly wonderful handsome husband.

Everything that I have been thru over the years has made me a better person. I look at life differently now. I know that my family will always be there for one another. I am truly blessed and the love of my husband is something I will always cherish. I want to do things for people to try to make their lives better. Make them feel better about things. I smile and love live everyday. When you almost lose it, it gets better :)

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to leave a quick comment. You don't have to go all novel like I did lol no worries just tell me how you are blessed with LOVE. I will be choosing the winners at random and posting on my blog on Monday 24th after 6pm CST and how to claim your prize!! Also be sure to continue the hopping over at the Hops with Heart and enter the Rafflecopter below to win some really nice grand prizes!!

Much love


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Thursday, February 20, 2014


Hi there everyone :) So A Forever Love Retribution is finally here and I am so happy!! Sales are great!! If you haven't started the Anthology you should, I've gotten really good feedback on them :)

March 20-23 I am participating in the Spring Fling Blog Hop. I will be giving away an Ebook copy of A Forever Love and one of A Forever Love Retribution along with a $10 Amazon gift card. There are so many authors participating with great giveaways from all so you need to come by and check it out!! My good friend  and Author Jane Wakely is hosting so I know it will be an awesome time!! Here is the link so pop by and check out who's going to be there and put it on your calendars it's going to be a great time.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Romance

Valentine's Day is tomorrow bringing things to our minds about what to do or what we want for the holiday. Romance is top of the list for me.

A few days ago I posted on my Facebook what Valentine's Day is for me and I wanted to share that here with you today as well.

The day is different for many people. Some celebrate and some don't. Whether you are in the celebrate or don't celebrate I truly hope it's a great day for you. :)

LOVE....When you say February that is one of the first things one thinks of. Some look at Valentines Day as just another commercial holiday, and I tend to agree...but...with the way that society is today I think we need those commercial holidays to make us think. We're a busy people, go go go all the time. We get so busy and stressed that we tend to forget things that are most important. We take for granted what the ones we love do for us, not intentionally, it just happens so when someone says "Oh it's Valentines Day, shit what do I do?" Lol you say I LOVE you and you do something to show the people you LOVE how much they mean...does that mean spend money you don't have? I don't think you have to. If you have the means and you can, great. I LOVE my husband so very much. He works so hard to take care of his family and when these commercial holidays pop up he freaks thinking he needs to do something special for me. Well hubby I think you're special and being my husband is all I really need. Most of you know Danny will be having a minor surgical procedure soon, but when a man is the primary bread winner and stubborn to boot. It's hard for them. He tries to do so much and has as long as I've known him.....that to me is LOVE...My best friend  has Cancer, but she too is strong and kicking its ass. My son  was born with many health issues but is such a strong young man that he has overcome so much in his short 17 years. My daughters  are stunning beauties and very strong women. I LOVE all of these people so very much. I LOVE their husbands and their children as well. Lol I'm using the word LOVE a lot here I know, I am a Romance writer after all lol. My point is February may be the month of LOVE but it's not the only month we LOVE it's just the month where we may need to be reminded of all the good things we have in our lives and thankful for all the LOVE we have. You may not have a woman or a man in you're life, but you have kids, or parents, or sisters or brothers or friends. That is LOVE too. Things have been tough for us since I got sick years ago. The burden of making the money for our family fallen on my husband. Money can and has often split families up, but it doesn't have to. It can make you stronger if you let it. Support you're partner. Make them feel special and make sure they know that you know they are doing an incredible job and say I LOVE you after phone calls. Before bed, before you leave. Just do it often. When a fight starts, fight it out, but make sure you say I LOVE you in there somewhere.....heck making up can be really fun after all ;) When you fight with family ....get over it fast and say I LOVE you.....I know what your saying..."It's not always that simple..." Yes it is. It's three little words. I... LOVE... YOU......just mean them that's can still be mad but you won't be mad as long when you hear those words Here are some (((HUGS))) from me for all of you. Thank you for being my friends, and my family, I LOVE YOU and happy Valentine's Day.....Oh and buy my books hehehe ;)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Goddess Fish Party going on now!!!

Today starts the party over at Goddess Fish. The giveaways and the .99 cent books and you can talk to all of my friends,

Donna Steele                         Jane Wakely

Nancy LaPonzina                   JL Oiler

BethAnn Buehler                   Jennifer Wilck

Lila Munro                              Eleanor Tatum

Sheila Dool                             Nick Santa Rosa

We sure are having a great time chatting. Stop by and visit with us!!

 Goddess Fish Party Pavilion

Thursday, January 30, 2014

It's a party and you're all invited!

It's a party and you're all invited!

Words From the Heart Valentine's Party...Join me and nine other wonderful authors for a three day celebration of romance...

February 12th we'll get the celebration started at Goddess Fish Party Pavilion from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST with a release party.

February 13th you'll get a chance to visit each author's blog and get their thoughts on Valentine's Day:

Donna Steele                         Jane Wakely

Nancy LaPonzina                   JL Oiler

BethAnn Buehler                   Jennifer Wilck

Lila Munro                              Eleanor Tatum

Sheila Dool                             Nick Santa Rosa

We'll end on February 14th at the Rebel Ink Press Readers' Club for an all day freestyle chat.

Grand Prize will be a Kindle Paper White drawn for through Rafflecopter so be sure to visit us daily as there will multiple ways to enter. There will also be a gift card giveaway on the Rafflecopter, various other flash giveaways from some of the authors along the way, and we'll have featured reads on sale for $0.99 for the entire three days. Don't miss out. Mark your calendars and bring a friend!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Writing and Life update

Hey there gang! Hope all is going well. Things here have been crazy. I got a surprise visit from our daughter Megan that lives in Arizona. It was a much needed visit for her and for us. I was really missing my baby girl. She stayed for 10 days and we all got some precious Meggie time. Wish Cris could have come, but we'll see him very soon.

Writing has been going great too. Finished another submission and sent it in first of January and E. is going to publish it!! Got my book cover back and loving it. Edits should start soon. My Anthology, A Forever Love is going great. Edits for book 2 Retribution are all done, should be working on Redemption soon. Book 2's release date is February 17th so right around Valentines day, then 3 will be out in May along with the paperbacks of all three.

I am really enjoying my writing. I wish I had done it sooner in life, but I am now so that's what counts. I'm working on a new project now too. I will keep you posted on the progress.

I am going to post a chapter from A Forever Love on my web page Its available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and All Romance Ebooks for only $1.99.

I really want to thank everyone for all of your support. :)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 update and news for the new year

Hello there everyone!! Well 2013 has come to an end and 2014 is off to a bang. It's is absolutely freezing here in Missouri. I think mother nature thought we needed some North Dakota weather or something. We are experiencing some crazy wind chills well below zero here, brrrrr.

Well so much went on in 2013. I self published my first book over the summer, Alive and it has done great!!! Then I submitted my manuscript A Forever Love to Rebel Ink Press and they picked me up!!! My first story in the A Forever Love Anthology was published in November and book 2, A Forever Love Retribution will be available in February of this year. Book three, A Forever Love Redemption will be out in May 2014 and then the three will be out together in Paperback copies as an Anthology. Now A Forever Love is available at Amazon, Barns and Nobel and All Romance on Ebook.

I just submitted another work to my published on January 1st. We will see if she likes it and wants to publish it as well.

I am having a blast writing and hope to do more of it in the coming year. I will keep posting my works and release dates on my blog and my webpage, as well as my twitter, @redsheila and my author facebook page,

Come by and like my pages and visit then head over and get your copies of Alive and A Forever Love!!

Much Love, Sheila :)