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Thursday, February 20, 2014


Hi there everyone :) So A Forever Love Retribution is finally here and I am so happy!! Sales are great!! If you haven't started the Anthology you should, I've gotten really good feedback on them :)

March 20-23 I am participating in the Spring Fling Blog Hop. I will be giving away an Ebook copy of A Forever Love and one of A Forever Love Retribution along with a $10 Amazon gift card. There are so many authors participating with great giveaways from all so you need to come by and check it out!! My good friend  and Author Jane Wakely is hosting so I know it will be an awesome time!! Here is the link so pop by and check out who's going to be there and put it on your calendars it's going to be a great time.

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  1. Love truly has made me a better person but it is what is referred to as agape love~ selfless love for another without sexual implications.
    I've been in romantic love a few times, in sexual thrall that I considered love at the time and have a stron sense of familial love that is tied up in duty.
    But, hands down, the strongest pursest love I have ever had (and still have) in my life is the bond I share w/ my 7yo granddaughter. Because of her I see the world with new eyes and actually enjoy living again.
    Thanks for your question today, it made me think of my girl and made me smile!

    ilookfamous at yahoo dot com