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Cover photo
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Friday, July 11, 2014

New A Forever Love Anthology Paperback

The A Forever Love Anthology is now out in paperback at Amazon!! You can still get the eBooks individually at Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and All Romance eBooks just click on the book covers on the left hand side of this page and it will  take you straight to Amazon.

I'm very excited about the Anthology being out in paperback and if you would like an autographed copy email me and I can get you a copy for $10 including shipping.

I have new projects that will be out later this year. My next will be out this Aug. called Willoughby Road Summer of Change. It's the story of a young woman who looses her father to cancer. His dying wish was for her to get back to her roots at their families summer home in Bixby. Here is the cover blog.

Catherine Willoughby didn't know where her life was going after her father died. He wanted her have a good life. He wanted her to have a summer at her childhood summer home before coming back to Charleston to run the family Construction Company. Catherine never thought in a million years that one month would change her life forever, but in that month she experiences new friends,love, danger, and loss. Meeting a young handsome Englishman in Bixby West Virginia was not something that happened every day to a young woman. So many things happen in such a short time, but all of these experiences force her to make changes and finally grow up. Journaling has always helped her stay in touch with reality. She always felt that writing down her life kept her from fading away. But after her summer in Bixby, fading away was defiantly something that she would never do, nor would ever want to do. This would be the summer that she finally grew up. That summer on Willoughby Road.
I will attach the cover of Willoughby Road as well. I have submitted a new WIP to my publisher and received an email from her letting me know that I will be receiving a contract for it very soon! Things in the writing world are going very good for me that's for sure and I am having a blast doing what I love, writing Romance. I want to thank everyone that has purchased my books and supported me along this wonderful journey :) Much Love, Sheila