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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Music and the Arts

I have been doing some thinking about adding some more things to me blog. I am a writer, but I also love photography, music and art. I wanted to incorporate more of the crafts that I love into my blog. I will post some photos that I have taken from time to time, some art that I enjoy and some videos. 

Last month my husband and I were in Eureka Springs Arkansas for our 27th wedding anniversary. We rode our motorcycle up there. It was a beautiful and fun ride. While we were there we went to a bar called the Cathouse Lounge where a lot of people who ride like to go and hang out. It was a cool place, fun atmosphere with great music. There was a Bluegrass band  playing that happened to be from our hometown of Springfield Mo. The odds of us going that weekend to that club seeing a band from home were crazy. I loved them! That was when it hit me. I had thought about adding some video blog interviews to my blog. Other authors, artists and musicians, so why not start with Deep Fried Squirrel? Yeah that's their name. Cool band with all string instruments.

I told my husband I was going to ask them if I could do a short video interview for my blog. He laughed at me of course, but I was serious. When their break came I got the nerve to ask them and they said yes! Holy crap they said yes! Ok breath Sheila, you can do this. I wasn't sure exactly what I would ask in less than five minutes so I decided to start with the basics. 

They are great, fun guys. I had such a good time interviewing them even though I was a nervous wreck, which shows. I am so grateful they gave me the opportunity to advance my creativity for my blog.

You can find them on Facebook and their website which they will tell you in the video. Definatly check them out, you won't be sorry.

I am hoping to interview another local band very soon. The Detectives is a band of young people that play music from the 50s 60s and some 70s. They are an incredible group as well. They will be playing again soon in the Springfield Mo. area. 

I'm trying to get the videos uploaded but it seems to be some error on here today so I will have to try again later. Until then go to Facebook and like Deep Fried Squirrels page and go to YouTube and check out some videos that people have posted.


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