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Cover photo
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Friday, June 14, 2013

Jacket Book Description

The time has come and my first e-book is finally finished and it will be ready for purchase by the beginning of August. I can't wait either. I am so proud of it. Writers always improve there works over time but their first is always their baby. I am in the processes of two more already. I have the book description below. When I have the e-book ready for purchase I will upload the link then. I hope it sounds like something you would want to read. Much love :)


  Annalisa never thought that she would be a widow at such a young age or that she could ever love again. And then she met Drew. The way they meet is crazy but not as crazy as who brings them together. They instantly have a heart pounding connection but Annalisa feels guilty for having feelings for another man. These two really can find love again after their horrifying losses but not without a life threatening accident and a terrifying kidnaping. Will Drew have his heart ripped out again, can he survive another love lost, or will their charismatic love have a long happy ending, and will the people from their pasts regret seeing the ones they love fall hopelessly in love with someone else?

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