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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cancer in the news

There is something trending right now that hits pretty close to home. Melissa Ethridge spoke out against Angalina Jolie's decision to have a double mastectomy. She did not think that her decision was quote "brave".  I have a different opinion on that. I am a Cancer survivor as well and at the time I was terrified about the thought of a mastectomy. I was younger then most woman with the disease, only 38. And I was scared of being disfigured and my husband not being attracted to me if I lost my breasts. I refused the mastectomy but I had a rapid growing cancer so they had to do a lumpectomy, chemo, radiation and then 5 years of meds. It was long scary journey that took a terrible tole on my body. Now I think that the trauma that I was put through could have been diverted if I had listened to the Dr.s suggestions. I feel that Angelina's decision was brave. She knew her risks and who says that going through everything that I did would have cured her? It's a game of chance with Cancer. She was brave for her family. Because of her decision she will be here for them. Her mother died from the disease and now, she won't.  She won't have to take the chance that treatment will cure her. She won't have to go through the pain and sickness that me and so many others had to go through. If I would have been that brave 8 years ago my life would be completely different now. Grant it my battle has made me a stronger person, but my body is not so strong now. If god forbid my Cancer ever comes back, I'm going the mastectomy route. To me, choosing to live and not tour her yourself, that is bravery. I want to thank Angelina for bringing this disease to the forefront once again. We need a cure. 

I'm still working on another book but I really think I am going to make my next one a book about my battle with cancer.  The old me would have never wanted anyone to know all the gory details but now, I think I'm brave enough to talk about it. Please get your screenings, men and women. Think of the people you would leave behind were you gone.  Much love to all.....Sheila

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  1. I'm agree with you totally about Angelina decision and wish you good luck for a book deal!
    Blessings, Lana