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Thursday, May 16, 2013

This blog is an extention to my family blog but sometimes there are things that I want and need to say that are meant for their own blog. This is a chance for me to spill my guts and post my complaints and concerns. If you know me at all and have seen my facebook posts you know that I pretty much say what  feel.  I never have any intentions of hurting anyone but I do feel sometimes that things need to be said even if they hurt our feelings. They are my thoughts after all.

I do not like politics, not that I don't follow the news and political issues, I do, I just don't like what our country and it's government is coming to. Could  I do any better? I'm not saying that I could but I do know that what is there, doesn't seem to be working anymore. It just feels like they are all after the other guy. They worry to much that this law is no good because I Republican thought of it or this one sucks because a Democrate thought of it. I can't vote for that because I am a Republican, even if it is a good law. Why do we have to think that way? There is just to much fighting and power hungry people in politics. There are people that work hard but can not seem to get ahead in this world no matter what they do. Good people that try to teach their children family values and whats right from wrong but when the children see everything that is going on in our world, they don't understand. They feel like being a good hard working person gets you nowhere anymore. Sometimes I think I agree with them. Giving up and going with the crowd is the easy thing to do.

There are many sayings out there like God never gives you more then you can handle and everything happenes for a reason. I am a Cancer survivor and my youngest child was born ill and in and out ofthe hospital until he was 5. I was diagnosed with Hyshimoto Hypo Thyroid and Fibromyaliga, then at age five our son was diagnosed with a crippling hip disease an confined to a wheel chair until he was eight, then he started getting dibilitating migranes, then I was diagnosed with Cancer.....Jump to five years later and my health started failing once again to the point that I had to quit my career. Now that sounds like alot, and it is, but I am still here and I my children are still here. I don't complain to the world that they owe me for the hell I have gone through. I just try to keep my head up and be a good person. There are many days that I question God as to what exactly his plan was for me and my family to be put through so much but you know, there is always someone worse off then me. I don't blame our government for those problems, they didn't give it to me, but do they really even think about people like me that do suffer but try to be strong and get through this life the best that we can? Do they really have to cut education and the elderlys benifits and then give themselfs raises? Do they really need to be paid those high saleries for the rest of their lives after they are no longer in their office?  Our military fights for our freedom but they are often treated poorly after they come home from war wounded or their families are ignored after they have been killed.

I still feel that we have the best and most beautiful country in the world, and I would not want to live anywhere else, but will my children always feel this way?  Will my grandchildren? Something is going to happen and when it does will our govenment finally get the hint? I don't know if they will.

We as a country pull together so tightly after disasters or terrorist attacks. We are so good about that. That is what makes us the best country in the world, our people know how to love and care but our biggest problem is that those feelings fade to fast and are pushed to the back of our minds until the next time that we have to come together. Can't we just always do that? It's not human nature to throw people away, it's not human nature to rip people off or be cruel and unfeeling. The world has become this way because half are spoiled, part are lazy and the rest are just plain old pissed.

We as a family can not afford to vacation this summer. Gas is to high, food is to high, everything is to high. My husband works his ass off just to come home and eat cheap food and mow the grass and watch TV. He takes such great care of our family and we all love him so very much but you know it's people like him that keep our country going but if he were killed tomorrow, no one would care. The government would keep going and life would continue for everyone else.

I'm not a bitter person, really I'm not. I'm confused, and scared as to where we will all be a year from now, or 10 years from now. It's sad, it's so very sad what our future will probably be.

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